The rexonics solution

Rexonics step-by-step

The Rexonics solution is more than just our ground-breaking technology. Our team has extensive experience and will analyze your well’s situation and help you back to optimal production, step-by-step. Just contact us, and we’ll assist you all the way back to optimal production, as well as follow up to make sure you maintain the good production flow.


Initial contact

When you first contact us, please describe the situation as thorough as possible. We need to know the well’s production history, logging and perforation zone data and any possible challenges that you might have had during production.


Rexonics’ analysis

Rexonics takes all information into account and draws up a customized stimulation plan for your well. This depends on what kind of production issues you’re dealing with (for example wax, paraffin or asphaltene precipitates)  the well’s history and the perforation zone details. The analysis and solution are thoroughly documented and then accepted by you, before we go into the next phase.


Rexonics on location

Rexonics brings a team and all equipment required to your well’s location. Rexonics’ staff make sure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish with minimal downtime. Depending on the situation, it could be back up and running, with improved production results, as soon as within 24 hours.


Evaluation and continuous support

Rexonics will evaluate your results and suggest any additional stimulation on a regular basis, or as needed. Depending on the well’s situation, check-ups can take place quarterly, annually or as needed. We are on standby to quickly assist you when you need it.