We are a fast expanding Swiss technology company, serving the international oil and gas industry. Based on 50 years of market leadership with industrial ultrasonic technology solutions, Rexonic Ultrasonics AG was founded to develop Rexonics™, the game changing and patented high power ultrasonic tool set for well stimulation.
Rexonics can be applied to stimulate oil and gas condensate wells in all three recovery phases during the life cycle of a carbon reservoir. Our products increase oil production, reduce well downtime and production costs compared to traditional well stimulation methodologies. Rexonics, a 100% eco-friendly technology, can substitute environmentally harmful methods such as acid stimulation. Rexonic Ultrasonics AG is entering into local partnerships with service companies around the globe to ensure a quick rollout of the newly released and proven technology.


In 2008 the company was founded under the name Progress Ultrasonics AG as a spin-off of the world leading industrial ultrasonic application provider. The company concentrates on the development and production of ultrasonic solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our engineers have several decades of bundled experience in ultrasound technology and oil and gas.
In 2016 the company was renamed to Rexonic Ultrasonics AG.


Rexonic Ultrasonics AG is collaborating on scientific projects and research encompassing ultrasonic applications in the petroleum industry with two international universities:


Montan University Leoben

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University


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